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Sanitetski prijevoz izvan Zagreba – EN

Medical transfer out of Zagreb

Ambulance Premuzic d.o.o. is a company which offers ambulance transport of hard-moving and paraplegic patients between Croatian cities and villages. The cost of transport with ambulance car is 1€ per kilometer.
The cost includes careful transport to the vehicle, transport to destination point and transport out of vehicle.
If it is necessary, as far as health state of transported patient is concerned, it is possible to arrange transport with a doctor in escort, in which case the cost of transport will be 1.30€ per kilometer.
It is also possible to organize special medical care if it is needed like: an infusion, oxygen supply, oral, muscular or intravenous therapy, etc.
Ambulance Premuzic d.o.o. is the only Croatian company that introduced and offered service of inter-city transport not only between medical facilities and centers, but also for various holidays, vacations and trips…
Transport is performed by means of special air-conditioned ambulance transport car whose size and performances make traveling a pleasant experience, even for patients who must be kept in laying position.
Every aspect of customer caring is based on the latest technology and reliable devices and personnel, as well as experience gained through our services

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